[Music shows on KBS, MBC and SBS cancelled for this week | NO G-DRAGON COMEBACK STAGE THIS WEEK

After the date for funeral for Korea’s ex-president Kim DaeJoong has been set, all 3 major broadcasting companies proceed with the decision for no airing of shows and comedies on their channels.

And with that, all 3 music shows for this week on KBS, SBS and MBC have been cancelled.

Announced on 19th August shows that will not be aired or are cancelled:

* MBC ‘Music Journey LaLaLa’ on 19th August
* MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on 22nd August
* MBC ‘Gag Ya’ on 23rd August
* KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 21st August
* SBS ‘WootChatSa’ on 20th August
* SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on 23rd August

But the following programmes will air as usual:

* MBC ‘Golden Fishery’
* MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’
* MBC ‘Sunday Night’
* SBS ‘Family Outing’

Ex-president Kim DaeJoong was hospitalised last month on 13th for pneumonia symptoms, he was given treatment but he passed away on 18th August at 1.43pm. The funeral ceremony will be held on 23rd August.


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