[news] 2NE1 is back from vacation

Now back to the recording studio!

2NE1 kept their fans busy by letting them know how they were spending their vacation through me2day.

Bom was in Maryland, USA, and posted a few photos of her lazing around and being a bed head.

Minzy stayed in Korea to just chill and had a simple family outing on the beach.

Dara visited the Philippines and received a lot of love from her fans there. Dara wrote on her me2day a little something for her Filipino fans.

“diz is for ma pinoy frnds! nandto nako sa korea!thank u sooo much for ur support,sa love,sa mgagifts for 2NE1 and yg family! sobrang natouch ako! i m…“

During their break, the girls didn’t completely forget about 2NE1, as it seems they have exchanged boatloads of souvenirs and gifts with one another.

Check out the pictures from their favorite vacation spots.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    who's dog? GD?
    minzy so cute

  2. yep :) that's Ga ho... g-dragon's puppy ^^

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