[news] 2ne1 Poker t-shirts made available in the market!

With the often search of "2NE1 Poker Card Tshirts" YGEShop has finally update them with the tshirts that the girls wear! Its custom-made for the girls and now for pre-order which would be released on 2nd September.

Retails for 32,000 원 or USD$43.51 on YGEShop and DVDHeaven respectively.
To me, the price is really ridiculous for a plain tee with 2 poker cards and "2NE1" logo. If you really want but thinks its too pricey you can bring the image to a custom made tee shop and get it cheaper without the 2NE1 logo.. well I know true-2NE1 fans won't do that but its really pricey don't you think so? Probably its the material but its still ridiculously expensive!

so.. are you buying it?


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