[NEWS] 2NE1 to Perform 4 Songs for Followup Promotions to 1st Mini-Album

Group 2NE1 will continue with unique promotions for their followup hit for their 1st mini album promotions.

The girls released their first mini album beginning of July with the title song ‘I Don’t Care’, and recently the girls went on a 5-day vacation, and will be coming back to promote the followup song from the album from end-August.

Normally for Kpop artiste, they will choose one song other than the title song as the followup hit to promote, but for 2NE1, they will be promoting all 4 songs ‘Pretty Boy’, ‘In The Club’, ‘Let’s Go Party’ and ‘Stay Together’ for their followup promotions.

YG Entertainment said, “After the release of 2NE1’s first mini album, not only is the title song doing well up on music charts, other songs on the album were also very well-received, that is why we decided that we will not go with just 1 song for their followup promotions.”

With that, the group will perform all 5 songs from the first minialbum. From debut, 2NE1 has been adopting special promotions tactics – with their 1 performance 1 week tactic and also debuting through a CF song ‘Lollipop’.

Source: Sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yay,i like pretty boy..
    love all their songs..2ne1<3333333333333

  2. Anonymous says:

    i really lov all their song in this mini album
    the best female album so far..n of course big bang for the male band..
    they nvr dissapointd me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMO...love it...

    all their songs are awsome...

    Go Go Go

  4. Anonymous says:

    those this means we get to hear all 5 songs live?!
    i love IN THE CLUB!!!! and pretty boy!!!!

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