[news] 2PM’s Jun-ho discovers Twitter

Someone’s getting bored.

Just a few months ago, it was revealed that 2PM (in addition to the rest of the JYP family) had set up accounts on the popular American mini-blog networking site Twitter. Fans anticipated that the boys, especially English-speaking jokesters Ok Taec-yeon and leader Park Jae-bum, would keep them updated with news of the group’s daily adventures. The boys’ accounts, however, remained dormant with the exception of a sentence-long introduction from cutie Nich-khun.

Member Lee Jun-ho, however, gave fangirls quite the shock with a slew of updates, including a picture of him before a shower! Seems like Jun-ho got a little Twitter-happy because he posted a total of 14 tweets in less than 2 hours.

Keep those updates coming, Jun-ho! Check out all his recent tweets:

credits: popseoul

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kinda doubt it

  2. hmm ... i thought,it was true that he updated his tweets status ... ^^
    cuz i did directly check it out when d'news came out ,,,

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