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The Wonder Girls, one of the most popular girl bands in Korea, were totally obscure rookies in the United States, but that did not discourage them. On Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, they sang their signature song “Nobody” at the ever popular Jonas Brothers’ concert. Since the end of June, they have been opening shows for the Jonas Brothers’ nationwide 45-city tour.

Most of the audience, of course, come to watch Jonas Brothers, but they find themselves cheering for the girl band, giving the Wonder Girls a reception unusual for unknowns from Korea.

Sun-ye of the Wonder Girls says, “We expected to start from scratch when we came to the United States, and after each concert, we get to take a fresh look at ourselves. Now we’re happy that more and more Americans are recognizing us.” So-hee says at first during meetings with audiences, “we had to ask people who were not interested in us to take pictures with us. But now we don’t need to ask, since unbelievably, 300 to 400 people are coming to take pictures with us.”

The girls think their future is bright. “I think the fact that there is no girl band of our age in the U.S., the fact that we five girls show perfectly choreographed moves in perfect order, and that we feature retro style from the 60s and the 70s is attracting attention,” says Yu-bin.

But staying abroad without knowing when it will end has been a difficult experience for the young girls. “I cry often because life here is so different from Korea, where we get treated as top stars,” Ye-eun admits. And So-hee says, “I miss Korea every time I have a meal.”

To compensate, the Wonder Girls sang “Nobody” in front of over 100,000 spectators from Friday to Sunday alone in LA. Once the tour is over, they will have played in front of over 1.5 million spectators. The girls are now looking forward to the release of their first U.S. album in October. The challenge has just begun.

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Wonder Girls confession, “Yoo Bin is the most popular in America

Currently active in the U.S., Wonder Girls experienced their share of popularity in America and confessed that there was one member in particular who was an obvious favorite.

According to an interview on the 9th, Yoo Bin was deemed the most popular in the U.S. by her fellow members.

Whether it’s because of her exotic appearance that is best suited in a foreign country, Yoo Bin is clearly the favorite. Indeed, So Hee, who is dubbed Korea’s little sister, is popular in America as well.

On Twitter, Yoo Bin and So Hee has the most followers.

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Wonder Girls, “We’ll return to Korea bearing good news”

Advancing quickly with their domestic activities, the 5 members of the female group Wonder Girls appeared at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles to meet with a Korean press and share their experience in the U.S. so far.

“We receive lots of strength from the support of our Korean Wonderfuls so please continue to encourage us. We will return to Korea bearing good news.”

Since June 27th, Wonder Girls are the opening acts for the North American tour of popular group Jonas Brothers in America, and are scheduled to travel to 48 cities across the U.S. to appear in the concert.

The group’s leader Sun Ye shared, “It’s only been a little over 2 years since our debut so we are thankful for the chance to come to the U.S. We’re also thankful for the opportunity to open for such big superstars as the Jonas Brothers in the first step of our U.S. debut.”

Scheduled to perform at the Staples Center in LA three times, Wonder Girls expressed that although the biggest problem is the language barrier, they promised to succeed in America for the sake of reciprocating their Korean fans’ support.

Yoo Bin said, “We miss our fans and family in Korea, but right now we are here representing Korean artists so we are going to try our best to produce good results. We will come bearing even better news when we return to Korea.”

The following is an interview with Wonder Girls.

–How do you feel about performing in the U.S.?
SY: It’s only been a little over 2 years since our debut so we are very grateful for the chance to come to U.S. At first, it was a little intimidating and nerve-wrecking to debut in the U.S. so suddenly, but as soon as we came to America, many people showed us support and we were offered the chance to open for such a big superstar as the Jonas Brothers so, with thankful hearts, we were able to begin the first steps of our U.S. debut.

–The audience’s reaction in U.S.
YE, YB: In the beginning, American fans were unfamiliar with our music, but as time passed, I don’t know whether it’s because our song is easy to follow, but Jonas Brothers fans began to search for our videos online and expressed interest in our group. Before our opening performance, we teach the “Nobody” dance to the audience and we find a lot of fans following along.

–Do you communicate in English well in the U.S.
YE: Last month, we appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” and we hardly had any difficulties. We consider English very important and, right now, instead of dancing and singing, our main priority is studying English a lot.

–What is reaction of releasing the English version of “Nobody” in America?
SY: Honestly, we feel the reaction of the audience after performing every day. Compared to the beginning when we started the tour to now, we are becoming more comfortable with each and every fan, you can say. We were really nervous about the English version, but gradually it grew on us and now we can freely enjoy the performances.

–What is the biggest obstacle in U.S.?
YB: More than anything, I think the language is our biggest obstacle. It’s only been 3 months since we came to America so there is a big language barrier.

–Don’t you want to go back to Korea?
YB: We want to go back because we miss our fans and family in Korea, but right now we are here representing Korean artists so we are going to try our bests to produce good results. We will come bearing even better news when we return to Korea.

–What is your goal for the U.S.?
SY: Rather than a specific goal, right now we just think it’s important to share our music with new fans. We are doing our very best every day now.

–What are your plans to return to South Korea and perform?
SY: It hasn’t been long since our U.S. so there is no concrete plan yet. Unlike in Asia, the outward appearance is different in America and there is the language barrier as well so we are bound to face many obstacles. Although these problems we face are fresh and new, I think if we just remember that it’s not only by our 5 members’ strength, but that of many people in Korea supporting us, we will be strengthened even more.

–What would you like to say to your Korean fans?
SM: I want to hurry up and become successful so the day when we can meet our Korean fans, hold another concert and enjoy our music with our fans together will come faster. We receive a lot of strength from our Korean fans so please continue to encourage us.

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