[news] 4 Minute reveals themselves in MTV 20 Episodes

4 Minute, 5 members girl group who joined the stardom, will be revealing their daily lifestyle secret.

Starting from August 10th, through cable channel MTV, 4 Minute will be recording their ordinary life outside the stage to be shown to public. For now, 4 Minute's MTV project broadcast time has yet to be announced.

MTV '4 Minute' is composed of members who are all born in the 90s and one of them is 'HyunAh' a former member of Wondergirls who filmed 'MTV Wondergirls episodes' before. Just like their names, all of them will show their charms within 4 Minutes.

Although on stage 4 Minute has continuously shown powerful dance however, in reality, they are still young girls. So far, we could only see their stage side, and now, we could see their pure ordinary livestyle of 4 Minute.

Starting from August 10, there will be a total of 20 episodes in MTV Channel. All the fans who missed the first broadcast will be able to watch a rebroadcast.

Source : Newsen
Translations Credits : kirra12 @ 4-minute.com
Newsfinder : wintersun @ 4-minute.com

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