[news] After School UEE’s teary confession, “Because of training, I have no friends”

After School UEE was on MBC We Got Marred on 2nd August with her make-believe husband Park JaeJeong and they had their fortunes read through tarot cards.

UEE, being an Aries, started to tear when she heard the words, “Aries are lonely people”. She said, “When I started as a trainee, many people shunned from me.” And when asked, “Is there any friend you are close to?”

UEE said, “It’s as been long since I’ve contacted my friendss since I started out later and it was tougher for me. Even for entertainer friends, I don’t have many or those whom I’m close to, and when I think of them I just will tear without knowing myself.”

Meanwhile, UEE and Park JaeJeong moved into their new home in this episode.

source: kbites

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