[news] Chae Yeon shakes it with her mom

Looks like her mom can keep up!

Chae Yeon and her mother appeared on a recent episode of the SBS variety program “Star Junior Show“. The episode, which aired on August 22nd, featured stars like Lee Min-woo, Lee Ji-hye and 2AM’s Jo-kwon and their mothers.

During the broadcast, Chae Yeon revealed that one of her biggest regrets as a celebrity was not being able to visit the public baths with her mother because of her sexy star image. According to Chae Yeon, whenever her mother returns from visiting the public baths alone she feels “unfilial” and “guilty”.

At another point during the episode, Chae Yeon’s mother read a very touching letter to her daughter, causing the singer to break down in tears on camera. To end the program, the mother-daughter duo performed to Chae Yeon’s song “Shake“. Sounds like some good mother-daughter bonding time to me!

Here’s a clip from the episode featuring stars like Chae Yeon their mothers~


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  1. Sunny says:

    Chaeyeon looks soooo pretty,as if she never ages...love this girl

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