[NEWS] THE CREBEAU'S cosmetic company is suing SM Ent.

news just out.CREBEAU's cosmetic company WISHOP PLUS(?) had sent in the lawsuit against SMent on august 4th. SM.ent using crebeau's cosmetic company name as an excuse/blame for the recent contract issue with dbsk members. CreBeau is saying that SM.ent falsely put blame on the cosmetic shop being opened by the 3 members and had damaged the company's image and also loss in profit. Since Crebeau had nothing to do with dbsk contract/sment issue they will be suing SM.ent for using their name and etc etc.

credits+trans:dksldidksldi @ soompi
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Nice one :). SM name and shares going down !.SM is getting into more legal trouble..justice is sweet

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  1. Anonymous says:

    poor SM =(

    haha yeah right...they deserve all these and more...
    three cheers for CREBEAU

    SME pls smarten up and give the boys what they deserve before it's too late

  2. Minako says:

    Karma :)

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