Big Bang DaeSung who has met with a car accident will not participate for the press call for his upcoming musical ‘Shouting’ on 12th August.

It was said that DaeSung has met with a car accident on 11th August at about 8.30pm.

YG Said, “The press call for musical ‘Shouting’ on 12th August will go on as usual. But it will be hard for DaeSung to participate in it. He will have to rest and recuperate for the time being. We will decide accordingly to his recovery for his future schedule.”

With that member SeungRi will have to participate for the press call for ‘Shouting’ on 12th August alone.

YG said, “DaeSung has broken his nasal bone. He has injured it once when he was young and this time he has injured it again. He has broken the vertebrae bridge and will need about 4 weeks to recover. He has also bruised his face and arm.”

“The manager also injured his arm. They both received treatment in Seoul. Their coordinate injured his leg badly but luckily was conscious and he had undergone operation for that. DaeSung and his manager is currently resting in Seoul.”

That day, DaeSung has end the filming to SBS Family Outing at about 4pm before the accident.

cr vid:TYPICALpocky@yt

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is horrible news~ (*;__;) i hope he recover soon \(>__<)

  2. Anonymous says:

    NOOOOOO Dae Dae you don't deserve to be in this mess!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    daesung! D:
    get well soon!

  4. solean says:

    wow the car look pretty horrible Daesung get well soon

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