[NEWS] Despites The Crisis, Changmin is Still Concentrating on His Acting Debut

“This first debut, I want to carry it perfectly.”

DBSK member Changmin (21) has been concentrating on acting training for his first challenge drama “Paradise Ranch”. Recently, DBSK is in the process of a lawsuit case related to some of its members. During this lawsuit period, there has been differences in both group and individual activities of the members and inflicts repeated spur in the drama preparation.

Just few days ago, after finishing a performance in Japan, Changmin returned home and when there isn’t any official activity, he’s fully absorbed in drama training.

From Changmin’s assistant, “The series of recent crisis creates burdensome to him mentally, is true. But as acting has been his long dream goal, this makes a great motivation for him. From now on, he’s going to be busy traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan. Even from his recent departure (in Korea) few days ago, he already portrayed an excitement about the drama preparation.”

“Paradise Ranch” is a co-production drama between SM Entertainment and Samhwa Networks. This drama is set to broadcasted at the end of this year. A delightful story of romance is blended by beautiful music will show the fresh youth romantic acting of Changmin. The drama will enter its first shooting early next month.

Source: Naver news
Translations: SYC

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  1. d'petals says:

    changmin-shi, fighting!!!!
    remember...cassi will always keeping their faith in u...
    do ur best!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    always keep the faith~

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