[News] EMI speaks up about GDragon’s plagiarism case

EMI publishing, which holds 2.5% of the copyright ownership of Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ distribution in Korea speaks up about the plagiarism accusations to GDragon’s solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’.

An EMI representative said over a phone interview on 18th August, “In Korea, the issue of plagiarism in Korea has never been conclusive. But it is really jumping to conclusion to say that this is plagiarism.”

“We understand that the problem here is that the introduction to ‘Heartbreaker’ sounds similar to a portion of ‘Right Round’. Isn’t a shame that the whole issue is judging on a rap rather than the meldoy. Especially since the original composer to ‘Right Round’ includes more than 10 people, things will get complicated.”

The EMI rep also said, “We felt that this is very much driven by public’s opinion. It’s a shame. Even though it is right to express a view, in Korea it is not about arguing between right and wrong. We should wait for the judgement of the composers in America first.”

Meanwhile, GDragon’s representative has also said earlier, “Like our initial stand, we said that everyone should listen to whole song and not just the 30s to start talking about plagiarism. This song is not a plagiarism, we hope everyone gives support and love to the song.”

They added, “The issue of plagiarism is a very sensitive matter, it is may be something that can be easily concluded in one sentence by anyone, there is only those few people who can judge and really confirm that it is plagiarised work. There are many cases where a part of a song sounds like that of another. But we can’t call all these plagiarism.”

“We should listen to the side of the story by the original composers to the song in issue. Before that no one can say that it is plagiarised work.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The beat may be similar, but the songs are totally different. I love both of the songs.


  2. Leyzell says:

    owww~~~ hope this will be solved soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    every nw n then there will b similarities in every song. why judge it? unless it totally more than 50% similar.

  4. MADA says:

    what? what is wrong with FLO RIDA..?just the begining of the song ar a liitle similar..but the song is total different..i hope this will be solved soon ..and give GD good news..he never do such a thing XD..i hate those PPL who tell that GD copy other artits song..wtf....GD is the best^^

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