[news] The “female Rain” Face finally revealed!

Finally! A face to the name.

Though her debut is speculated to be near the end of August, little is known about the anticipated “female Rain,” Da-Hee. The first official trainee for Rain’s management company (J.Tunes Entertainment) was hand-picked by Mr. J himself due to her superb dance skills at the young age of 15. Now, just a year later, the solo act has finished recording her debut album and, according to a J.Tunes representative, is ready to “appear on stage at any minute.”

Her abilities have come along far enough so that she can appear on the stage at any minute, but Rain wants to fulfill all the expectations due to the title of his best pupil and that seems to bring pressure and tension. He’ll spend some time and will train her systematically.”

Hand-picked, personally trained, highly anticipated and not too shabby in the looks department? This trainee looks to be a sure hit this season.


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