[News] G-Dragon's to Heartbreaker comeback stage on August 30

GDragon will be performing on SBS Inkigayo coming 30th August.

Initially his first solo performance was set to take place on 23rd August but SBS Inkigayo was canceled due to the death of Korea’s ex-president Kim DaeJoong. And he will be performing the double title songs ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Breathe’ coming 30th August on SBS Inkigayo.

YG Entertainment Yang HyunSeok said, “GDragon is currently focusing on practicing for his first broadcast. He has prepared some really cool dance and costumes for this stage.” on 25th August.

GDragon will also be adopting minimal broadcast music programme performance like how 2NE1 did with one-show-one-week, focusing on the quality of the performances rather than quantity.

Much attention has been put into GDragon’s solo debut, and his solo debut has been described as ‘GDragon Tsunami’ into the Kpop realm by music officials.

cr: Sookyeong

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