[News] Girls' Generation and Kim Jaedong to show their talking skills on 'Ya Shim Man Man 2'

Next week, Girls’ Generation and Kim Jaedong will be appearing on SBS ‘Ya Shim Man Man 2’ to show their talking skills.

Girls’ Generation will be given 7 questions in growing difficulty, including “Do you think other members are burying your own popularity down?” They will be answering these 7 difficult questions which have been prepared by the show’s viewers. Along with providing articulate answers to the questions, the girls will be presenting their charms and talents that are only unique to idol groups.

Kim Jaedong, who was once a permanent member of ‘Ya Shim Man Man’, will now be the target of these difficult questions. Kim Jaedong will be pushed to his limits, even exclaiming “How are these viewer submitted questions!?” All these questions and answers will be revealed on next week’s ‘Ya Shim Man Man 2’.

Girls’ Generation finished their 2nd mini album promotions with a live performance of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on SBS Inkigayo on August 9. After their comeback in June, the girls had been promoting their new mini album for two months and have just concluded all major activities.

Source: Newsen.com
Translation: chris2I40 @ Soshified.com

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