[News] Hankyung's rumor to date a Chinese celebrity and SM's official words about this

Pictures of Super Junior member Hankyung and Chinese celebrity Jia Ling at a billiard room were posted on a Chinese portal site on August 21th and immediately there was rumor that those two are dating.

Jia Ling has built a friendship with Hankyung after the two attended a show/TV broacast together. According to the witnesses, the two had had a good time playing billiard without people around's awareness and go to somewhere after that. They said "The two spent 2 hours playing billiard with friends" and "After the game end, Hankyung immediately got on a car and drive to somewhere"

However, on August 22nd, Hankyung's agent company, SM entertainment have stated their official words about this. A person from SM said that the two went to there with 7 friends but it seems that paparazzi only focused to Jia Ling and made her look like she's the only one who have connection with Hankyung there.

Currently, Hankyung is an idol star that get a lot of attention in China, thus explain why the paparazzi "care" about him that much. A person in concern said "He has suffered a lot because of his popular and the paparazzi", "He has suffered once before because after the recording of his drama, although him and all the co-actors/actresses were in one place, (the paparazzi) just focused on taking pictures between him and the actresses and make it looks like they're dating"

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  1. Leyzell says:

    My Hankyung.. Focus on work, don't date girls, hehe xD Just kidding! Whoever you dates/like, it's okay to me. Fighting oppa!! Stay healthy!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rumor or not Hankyung does have a life and does have the right to date, sometimes i feel sorry for him, being stalked by paparazzi.

  3. Anonymous says:

    that wonderful if its true i mean he wants to get married soon so im happy for him

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think, at his age right now..
    he should find a girl and date!!

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