[news] History of SM Entertainment

The artists of SM Entertainment have always been resigning due to problems. The cause might be because the company takes something away from the artist.

A similar thing happened to H.O.T., but TVXQ is in a different situation.
The two remaining members still have an existing contract, while the three had declined to renew a contract although they should be renewing it. SM Entertainment was still deciding whether they were still going to continue with the group without the three members. If that goes on, the three members will have to step aside and will no longer be in the business. SM, as well as the members, was in the state of misunderstanding and conflict. Later on, the three formed a group with the name "JTL" from their initials.

(The JTL members are being interviewed during their concert and the question was, "Can you succeed in everything?")
JTL had been active and was a distraction from SM. SM's Moon Heejun's situation was still bad. The leader had to cover and go through everything without asking for help from the company.

SM's name is filled with dirt. TVXQ debuted in the year of 2004 (to be exact, the end of 2003). They have lots of activities. They are also well-known in China and in a lot of countries.

SM Entertainment decided to make TVXQ do activities in other countries. They later formed and debuted a group: Super Junior. They started a TVXQ x Super Junior project but it lacked in success. Like the history of TSZX (CSJH the Grace), it became nothing now.

I thought it was only me... It's such a shame when those talents go to waste...

Source: doring
Translation: mayenchaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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  1. JASR says:

    when i heard about tvxq's issues, i instantly recalled what happened to h.o.t... hmmm, it seems to be a trend in sm entertainment. i hope everything will be settled though.

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