[news] Interview with Hangeng’s Mom

1. Hangeng’s measurements are?
A: 84, 2ft3. 2ft.8
(direct translation for the “ft” measurement. asked my dad and china friend for clarification until they got irritated at me. i have no idea how measuring tapes work in china. TT)

2. When is Hangeng most annoying?
A: When he doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep and go to his friend’s house to chat.
P.S. Hangeng’s mother claimed that he doesn’t like to sleep so this silent-king was silent till who-knows-when! (it means that hangeng was a silent reader on message boards for veryvery long)

3. When was the last time Hangeng wet his bed?
A: 1.5 years old.

4. What is your ideal kind of daughter-in-law? Would you accept fans?
A: If we can give birth to more children last time, I would do so. I’ll take those who aren’t married yet and sitting here. (Hangeng’s Mother is referring to the audience) He can choose his own wife now.

5. What are your thoughts on the fan’s enthusiam?
A: Of course, it’s very moving

6. What if your daughter-in-law is a very enthusiastic fan?
A: I will also like her.

7. As Geng’s Mother said, all of you sitting here have hope (to be a daughterinlaw), so should we change the form of address? We called her Mother just now, so let us call her Mother-in-law~!
Fans: Mother-in-law~~
A: keke, good… …good

8. How do Hangeng act spoilt with you?
A: When he’s happy, and because we don’t see each other often, whenever he has the time, he will make faces or take off his smelly socks and say: “Mum, go wash my socks.” Or he would give me his used tissue and say: “Mum, go throw it for me.” Sometimes he will say (Geng’s mother hugged the host to demonstrate) “Mum~~~” Or he will drag me to go shopping.

9. What are the silly things Hangeng did when he was a child?
A: When he was 3.5 years old, he was extremely active. One day, when I was in the yard doing the laungry, he was running all over the yard, and I was worried that he will get run over by a car in the main road infront of the door, so I told him not to run around, even when it was the kindergarden opposite the house, so he was wondering, what to do? Then he went back to the house and wore his hat, child-sized army uniform, and his father’s belt with two loops around his waist. And he took a small club, which I used to threaten him with it, and he went to the traffic light junction. And whenever he saw a car he wil… … (Geng’s mother demonstrated the action traffic police does, by waving your hands to let cars pass/stop, and Hangeng most probrably did that) direct it.

10. Did he direct the cars wrongly?
A: Nope, when he saw that cars are going to the right, he’ll direct them to the right. (and to the left, too)

11. How did you know of this incident?
A: My neighbour told me: “Xiaoyun, (most prob geng’s mother’s name) look at your Hangeng, he’s so interesting. Some drivers even stopped to hug him, pull his hand and wanted to drive him around… …”

From Hangeng’s Baidu
Translated from chinese by (L)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lolz!!!! shes so sweet about him!! kekeke hangeng sounds so ccute when he was little ^^

  2. Minako says:

    HA, yeah xD

  3. d'petals says:

    he's so adorable...
    he's a very good son, no doubt~

  4. Anonymous says:

    Han Geng!you're the best for me.I support u everytimes.From Cherry Shi in Cambodia!

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