[news] Kim Jeonghoon ~ ‘In Your Eyes’ Album

1st Korean Mini Album

Kim Jeonghoon who was doin’ his music career in Japan under the name of John Hoon these past few years, has finally back to his roots and released his 1st Korean Mini Album.

He is serving the army right now, yet, he already recorded the songs for this album before his enlistment.

Talking about surprising the local fans

The album comes with 6 tracks inside. Yet, the album main track is titled ‘In Your Eyes‘; It’s a sweet ballad song that talks about separated lovers.

When I listen to the song and close my eyes, I really feel like watching those sad love movies!

Jeonghoon voice suits this kind of song indeed ! I’ve been a fan of his Japanese Music Sheets despite my hatred to his character ‘Prince Yool’ during the ‘Goong’ era *lol*

‘In Your Eyes’ MV

While the MV itself, it’s more to a video compilation of his activities’ scenes. I especially like his photoshoot scenes <3 He is so handsome !!

Here’s the complete tracks from the album :

01. Intro
02. 눈에 밟혀서 (In Your Eyes)
03. 기억에 불다
04. 그댄 없는걸
05. 눈에 밟혀서 Radio Mix (In Your Eyes Radio Mix)
06. 눈에 밟혀서 MR

While YesAsia says :

Kim Jeong Hoon may be in the army right now, but that’s not going to stop him from releasing a new album! The Princess Hours star has had a successful music career in Japan over the last three years under the name John-Hoon, and now he’s finally putting out his first Korean solo mini-album! The Korean Wave heartthrob has two years to go in the army, but he sends a message to his waiting fans with this album. Recorded right before Kim enlisted, the main track “In Your Eyes” (Track 2) is a beautiful ballad about the sorrow of parting lovers. The song also comes in a radio mix version, along with two other new tracks.

I think Jeonghoon should start focus in his Korean Music Career when he finished his enlistment. He’s a Korean after all I am not saying, overseas expansion bad or what so ever, yet, since he’s Korean, I think he should do domestic career too ^^

Then again, is it just me, or SuJu Donghae looks like Jeonghoon from several angles ? Is that the reason why I <3 Donghae too ?? Haha… They do look alike from few angles !


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  1. helen says:

    haha i did see a big resemblance between Donghae and Jung Hun at 1st time ^_^ too

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