[news] Kim Taewoo "I want SNSD's Yuri to be my younger sister"

GOD's former member Kim Taewoo confessed his interest for SNSD's Yuri.

On the 31st, the episode of 'Come To Play - GOD special', Kim Taewoo picked Yuri as the celebrity he would like to have as a younger sister.

He said "After being in the army, I saw SNSD for the first time when they debuted on TV" and "Even if I didn't watch other artists on music programs, I always watched SNSD's", expressing his attachment for SNSD.

The production team prepared a surprise telephone call with SNSD's Yuri. "During the hard parts of army training, I thought of Yuri to keep me going" and "In my personal cabinet, I put a picture of SNSD's Yuri" Kim Taewoo confessed, turning the studio into a sea of laughter.

On this day, Yuri definitely said "Out of the GOD members, I was Kim Taewoo's fan", causing a strange atmosphere to occur.

Credit: AutoTimes
Translations: kkbluvv@soshified.com/forums

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