[NEWS] Nam Gyuri is back with new look!

Nam Gyuri, formerly of SeeYa who had issues with her management company is back with hot pictures and a letter!

In the new issue of "Nail Up!" magazine, she is back with the 'sexy' concept. She writes the experience of being "a little awkward due to the fact that I never got to do a sexy concept but it was a new feeling. I wanted to change, not saying that I wanted to be completely different, but I wanted to see what other characteristics I have inside and bring that out. These new pics might be weird to some but hopefully you guys will enjoy my new look."

"A lot of people say that I look like a doll, but to me that statement is like saying that I have no human touch and I dislike it because at home, I'm very easy going and sporty."

Nam Gyuri then went on to thank the fans for staying with her even throughout the whole turmoil and asked to anticipate her upcoming activities.


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