[news] New group TwiNy gets into nip-slip accident on broadcast show

News have came late that new female duo Twiny has met with a nip-slip accident on broadcast programmes.

TwiNy was on Mnet ‘WheeSung FreeStyle Show’ on13th August performing their debut song ‘Nervous Heart’ when member SeoKyung was dancing and part of her clothing has gave way revealing her chest.

No one was aware of it during the filming but TwiNy’s company has discovered after that, and have requested for a re-telerecording of the show after that.

A staff to the show said, “The member had worn an outfit then without shoulder straps and she was dancing so hard that the mistake happened. Normally in such cases, people would be flustered and embarrassed, but SeoKyung was composed and we settled the situation timely.

Meanwhile, here’s TwiNy’s debut song ‘Nervous Heart’

source: kbites

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