[news] Nominees list for Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 released!

Coming 28th October, the 3rd Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 will be held, and there are 20 award categories this time.

The ”2009 Mnet 20’s Choice’ is an event where youths in their 20s pick their choice of icons of Korean culture. And the award categories together with the nominees were revealed on 5th August on Mnet Wide News at 8pm.

There will be blue carpet ceremony, performances lineup and also award ceremony with a fresh feel to award the choice of the 20s.

Award categories and nominees:
HOT Drama Star (male)

* Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)
* Kim HyunJoong (Boys Over Flowers)
* Yoon SangHyun (Queen of Housewives)
* Lee MinHo (Boys Over Flowers)
* Lee SeungGi (Brilliant Legacy)

HOT Drama Star (Female)

* Go HyunJung (Queen SeonDeok)
* Goo HyeSun (Boys Over Flowers)
* Kim NamJoo (Queen of Housewives)
* Jang SeoHee (Temptations of wives)
* Han HyoJoo (Brilliant Legacy)

HOT Movie Star (Male)

* Kang JiHwan (Class 7 Public Officer)
* Kim YoonSeok (Turtle Run)
* WonBin (Mother)
* Jo InSung (Frozen Flower)
* Ha JungWoo (National Representative)

HOT Movie Star (Female)

* Kim OkBin (Bat)
* Kim HaNeul (Class 7 Public Officer 7)
* Park BoYoung (Speedy Scandal)
* Um JungHwa (InSanDong Scandal)
* Ha JiWon (HaWoonDae)


* (MinSeok look) Kwak MinSeok
* (Sing Sing) Kim YunA
* (Lolli Lolli) Big Bang & 2NE1
* (Flower Boy Donut) Lee MinHo
* (Expert) Gal MaeGi

HOT New Star

* 2NE1
* Kim SoEun
* Wan SeokHyun
* Lee MinHo
* Jang Gi Ha and Faces

HOT Variety Star

* Gil
* Kim TaeWon
* Nicole
* Seon WooYoung Nyeo
* Lee HaNeul

HOT Character

* Kim SeoHyung (Shin AeRi)
* Dressing team teacher Kang Yoon SangHyun (TaeBongie)
* Eun JiWon and MC Mong (SeobSeob Brothers)
* Lee MinHo (Goo JoonPyo)

HOT Multitainer

* Kim HyunJoong
* DaeSung
* YoonA
* Lee SeungGi
* Lee Hyori

HOT Sports Star

* Kim YunA
* Kim YoHan
* Park JiSeong
* Park TaeHwan
* Bong JoongGeun

HOT Body

* Park JaeBum
* Son DamBi
* Shin MinAh
* Lee Hyori
* Jessica Gomez

HOT Style Icon

* Kim YunA
* Seo In Young
* Son DamBi
* Lee Hyori
* GDragon

HOT Fashionista

* Kim NamJoo
* Kim MinHee
* Shin MinAh
* Yoon EunHye
* Jang GeunSeok

HOT Girl Group Style

* Leggings
* Marine Look
* Vivid colours
* Cyborg sunglasses
* Hot pants

HOT On-line Song

* 2NE1 (Fire)
* Davichi (8282)
* So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee)
* Super Junior (Sorry Sorry)
* 8eight (Without A Heart)

HOT Performance

* 2NE1
* 2PM
* So Nyeo Shi Dae
* Super Junior

HOT Boom Up Song

* Speedy Scandal (Super Man)
* Kim YunA (Sing Sing Sing)
* Park BoYoung (아마도 그건)
* Song SeungHeon (Time Mask)
* Yoon SangHyun (Never Ending Story)

HOT Couple

* Kim YoungJoon+Hwang JungEum
* Noh HongChul+Jang YoonJeong
* Se7en+Park HanByul
* JunJin+Lee ShiYoung
* Tablo+Kang HyeJeong

HOT Mr. Beauty

* Kim Bum
* Kim HyunJoong
* Nich Khun
* Yoo SeungHo
* Yoon SangHyun

HOT Summer heat popularity award

* 2NE1
* 2PM
* Lee MinHo
* Lee SeungGi
* MC Mong


* Assessment criteria: 50% standard results amongst 20s + 50% poll
* Voting starts at 9pm on Mnet site from 5th August:

source: kbites

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    wtf.. why is jessica gomez in here.. isnt she from the States???????????

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    wow 2Ne1 is good! i thought yoona would be in the hot body category...

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    yoona is on her own now.i hope she'd win this!lol.good luck for all the nominees~i thought 4minute would be on hot new star.

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    bof and 2ne1...........

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