[news] Once caught in same-name controversy – AJ will have a change of name and casted for ‘High Kick 2′

Singer AJ who was caught in a same-name controversy earlier will have a change of name and will be transforming as an actor.

AJ went into CF, modeling, and also did promotions in other Asian countries in just 2 months into his debut. And now he is being casted for new drama ‘High Kick 2′. AJ was known to have taken singing, dancing and acting classes when he was still a trainee to prepare for acting acitivities.

He was also practising and preparing for acting while he did overseas promotions for the audition of ‘High Kick 2′.

AJ’s company said, “AJ has many greed to succeed and works hard on everything. And for this sitcom casting, he worked very hard for it. He wish to learn more from acting, and that hard work with will good results. And also because he will be doing acting, we have decided to change his name, but we have not come to conclusion for his new name yet.”

source: kbites

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