[News] Premium Live in JP was a success

Korea’s no. 1 Idol Super Junior held their concert in the Tokyo International Conference Hall on 1st and 2nd August, and it was a huge success.

Over a total of 10,500 lovely fans were present for 3 concerts in a period of 2 days.
The programs for the concert was different from the previous Japan live last year, and this time, there were sub group performances from SJ-K.R.Y, SJ-T and SJ-M, which is very active in China.
The two new Chinese members in SJ-M, Henry and Zhoumi, also received great support from the Japanese fans.

SJ performed a variety of songs in this concert, including cross dressing as members from SNSD to peform 2009’s popular song : ” Gee ” . They also performed Japanese versions of “Marry U” and ” Rokkugo” .

With the charismatic and humourous performances, the concert was full of colour and entertainment.
In Korea, Super Show II received lots of compliments. This Premuim Live in Japan certainly acts as a proof for the compliments.

The DVD for Premuim Live in Japan is expected to release this Autumn.
Original source : Kiss-KangIn金英云后援会
Chinese translation by 公主@ONLYSJ13
Translated from Chinese to English by Kyubes@sj-world.net
Super Junior Premium LIVE in Japan will be aired one TBS on the 27th of September at 9pm.
A DVD of the event will be released in Autumn.

Credits: Kiss-KangIn & Japan E.L.F blog
Translation to chinese 小公主
Chinese to eng Joyce@sj-world.net

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