[News] Rain to debut a 5-member boyband coming September

World Star Rain will be debuting a 5-member boyband whom he has groomed and trained personally.

Rain will be the producer of this group and he has been helping with the preparations of their debut.

The group is given the nickname ‘5-member Rain’, is a project which Rain has worked on for quite a period even though he has been busying doing filming overseas.

Rain has been preparing to debut a solo male singer and a male group since last year. And the female new singer whom he plans to debut this year has been set to debut beginning of next year instead. And the 5-member boyband will debut before the other singer projects.

Many eyes are on how Rain will perform as a producer, after the great names that have come out in the Kpop industry like SM, JYP and YG.

source: kbites

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