[News] Rain, Yoo JaeSeok and Bae YongJoon voted #1 as ‘Influential individuals of Korea’

Singer Rain, gagman Yoo JaeSeok and actor Bae YongJoon are voted #1 as entertainers with the most influence in different entertainment fields.

A survey was done on 1000 people from 29th July till 12th August on 10 different categories of people for ‘Who are the people who moved Korea? (or influence Korea)’.

Rain was voted #1 under the singer category with 19.9% of the votes. Yoo JaeSeok was voted #1 amongst gagman with 15.2% of the votes, while Bae Young Joon was voted #1 for actors category with 10.5% of the votes.

In order of amount of votes:

1. Rain (19.9%)
2. Yoo JaeSeok (15.2%)
3. Kang Ho Dong (12.6%)
4. Bae YongJoon (10.5%)
5. Actor Ahn SeongGi (9.8%)
6. So Nyeo Shi Dae (6.6%)


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