[news] Shindong’s appearance on “Hello Senior”

Shindong will appear on the KBS show ” 반갑습니다 선배님” (Hello senior/ Nice to meet you sunbaenim) which will be aired at 7.30pm August 20th. This is the summary of the show

- The show will talk about Shindong’s record of skipping class in the high school time and what he had done on those times. He was absent 24 times in 1st year, 53 times in 2nd year and 66 times in 3rd year.

- The students from the school will ask Shindong some rumors they heard about him like Shindong got burned at school once and had to get on an ambulance, Shindong loves himself so much. Shindong will answer those questions and even tell them his high school’s behind story

- Shindong will reveal his touching story about his first love. He said that girl had done a lot for him. He said his family condition wasnt good when he’s in high school so his first girlfriend even used her own pocket money to help his family then.

- He will talk about his existence in Super Junior, people think he’s #13 in SJ because of his body and appearance in an idol group with all the handsome members. He said this isnt a set-back to him because he will have the reason to challenge himself more in life. He aslo gives a msg to his hoobae “life is…ing ~”. Life is thing in present progressive form, it’s not End, it’s And because after you end your life, you will have a new challenge to face.

- Also, Shindong will ask his hoobaes to perform in front of many citizens…and one of them will give Shindong a gift which made him cries.

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