[news] SS501: 7-Watch Taiwan Aug 09

Though 5 of them having their individual strength ability to be solo, but they are full of energy and spirit when grouped together. SS501's charm expressed naturally through their conversation.....

SS501's charm is marvellous! During the day when this interview was conducted, the music record company building's basement was packed with fans. The food delivery man even mistaken that the Taiwan famous band "Mayday" was holding their concert. When SS501 finish their promotion events and leaving from the airport, fans sending off them even broke the handle of the airport stairs. Kim Hyun Joong clothes was almost pulled away. "We have never expect there will be so many fans and we were a little shock by their enthusiasm & passion. However, we are really happy!" on behalf of the team, Leader Kim Hyun Joong voice their appreciation to Taiwan fans.

It is very usual for Idol groups to have rumours of conflicts. Though SS501 members always like to release 'breaking' news of each other, but one can feel the unity and team spirit of the five members.

They were asked to talk about their 1st impression of each others.
Jung Min: Hyung Joon is a gloomy youth (Hyung Joon immediately give him a fierce stare)
Hyun Joong: Kyu Jong used to talk very little and he is not so tall
Hyung Joon: Hyun Joong is always a 4D person, but he is very man and always very generous to treat us
Kyu Jong: I remember when the 1st time Young Saeng came, he was dressed in all white attire and he is very talented in singing
Young Saeng: Although Jung Min is very comical, he is very caring and knows how to take care of people

SS501's music has evolved since they debute 4 years ago. From the recent "2009 Solo collection", the individual members have proven their ability in their solo performance. SS501 will open their concert in Taiwan end of this year. All members jokingly ask Hyung Joon to do a stripe dance. "This is because his body is the cheapest" Jung Min said while laughing loudly.

The theme for current 7-watch issue is about restaurant and food. Taiwan's Xiao Long Bao, fried rice and Bubble tea have left the strongest impression in SS501's mind. Young Saeng said: "I don't have the feeling of visiting Taiwan for the 1st time since most of the food suits my appetite."

For the readers of 7-watch, SS501 recommended "must eat" food in Korea. Kim Hyun Joong strongly recommended the bimbimbap & BBQ meant in Jeonju. "My favourite is pork belly!" (Kim Hyun Joong actually owned a fried chicken shop)

Jung Min's favourite is Kimchi Jigae (soup) and ginseng chicken. "Although it is summer now, but Koreans believe in 'using heat to stop heat', hope everybody should experience the feeling of eating Kimchi Jigae during summer."

August with SS501

Kim Kyu Jong
Born in 24 Feb 1987, 181cm, 65kg, blood type A.
Hobbies: Music, read book, basketball
Talent: Magic.
Fear: To take plane
Motto: Don't regret, go ahead with the challenge!

Heo Young Saeng
Born in 3rd Nov 1986, 178cm, 63kg, blood type O.
Hobbies: Music, basketball, online gaming
Talent: Piano
Idol: Seo Tai Ji
Motto: Always smile in life

Kim Hyun Joong
Born in 6th June 1986, 180cm, 68kg, blood type B.
Hobbies: Body building, swimming, football, basketball
Talent: Piano, dancing, guitar
Fear: insect, bird
Motto: Life can only live once

Kum Kyung Joon
Born 3rd Aug 1987, 181cm, 66kg, blood type O.
Hobbies: Music, body building, online gaming
Talent: Composing music & lyrics, singing, swimming
Motto: Not to be contented with current status but strive hard to move forward

Park Jung Min
Born 3rd Apr 1987, 181cm, 67kg, blood type O.
Hobbies: Composing song lyrics, shopping, collecting things
Talent: Rock climbing, tap dancing
Idol: No
Motto: Live life with thankfulness

Credit: 7-Watch Taiwan + TripleS.TW + DoubleS501.com + SS501UFO.blogspot.com (English translation) + Quainte.com

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