[news] SS501 Launches Asia Tour

The boy band SS501 has launched its first Asia tour and first concert in two years. The members frequently descended from the stage to be closer to the audience. The SS501 First Asia Your Concert - Persona began August 1 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. SS501 performed its hit songs and each member also sang solo. The repertoire also included songs from the band's new album slated for release this month.

SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong spoke to the audience, saying, "Because of so many fans, I realized that our band was still alive. We have practiced for two months and we had been rehearsing until 6 p.m. today." Opening with the song "Dejavu," the concert featured video clips showing the group members dancing and diverse special effects. Kim Hyun-joong said jokingly that the theme of the concert was "looking cool."

The audience was enraptured by the songs "U R Man" and "Cos I'm A Fool" from the TV drama "Boys Over Flowers." While three of the five members were singing "U R Man," Kim Hyun-joong and Park Jung-min joined them by descending on the stage from above. When SS501 was performing "Cos I'm A Fool," the audience sang along. The concert was attended by the cast of "Boys Over Flowers" including Lee Min-ho, Kim Bum and Gu Hye-seon.

As a solo number, Kim Hyun-joong sang "Treat Me Well" with female dancers dancing backup. While dancing, he showed off his well-toned body by tearing up his shirt. Kim also performed "Hey G," which he wrote himself. Heo Young-saeng, Park Jung-min and Kim Kyu-jong each sang ballads.

At the end of the concert, SS501 sang the new songs "Crazy 4 U," "Just One Day," "Fan Song" (tentative title) and "Love Like This." "Fan Song" was written specifically for SS501 fans to thank them for their support. Throughout the concert, the fans continued to wave light green pearl balloons, which symbolize SS501. In the closing remarks, Heo Young-saeng shed tears and said, "This year is our year because all five of us have reunited. Our fans and the five of us are one."

The Seoul concerts ended August 2. SS501 will tour Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Singapore until early next year.

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