[news] SS501 persistent on "Conquering Asia"

At 1pm and 7pm of the 13th, SS501 will go to Tokyo, Japan for the 2nd stop of their Asia Tour concert.

On the 1st and 2nd, SS501 had already held their Asia Tour concert in Seoul.
SS501's company said, "After SS501 successfully held their Seoul concert, they're now recording their 2nd official album. Even though its tiring, but the members encourage each other, and are currently in the midst of recording. As their 2nd official album is to be released in the middle of the month, so they must continue without rest on the production of their new album even before their concert."

SS501 will simultaneously conduct their Asia Tour as well as release their 2nd official album.

As they'll be singing new songs during the concert, so they're recording round the clock.
The Japanese side expressed that due to the close attention being paid to the concert, they're also carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders.

DSP said, "The Japanese media is also paying a lot of attention to SS501's concert. Not too long ago, Japan's Hallyu channel "Mnet" had introduced Seoul's concert, and thereafter will be airing MBC's variety programme, "We Got Married". The responsibility of putting out a perfect show for the concert also comes about naturally."

Now that Dong Bang Shin Gi is facing danger of disbanding, as a top Korea idol group, SS501 is also being paid close attention.

Pre-orders for Japan's concert started on 12th May, and many local fans were very concerned about it.
That is also the main reason for having a 2nd concert.
SS501 will visit Japan on the 9th, and return on the 15th. After that, they'll go to Hong Kong and Taiwan in October, Thailand in November and Malaysia and Singapore in December etc for their Asia Tour activities.

Credits: Hankooki + (Chinese translation) 嘉嘉@MRET| kimhyunjoong.com.cn + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501 | quainte501

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  1. ss501 was s0 bUsy...keep it up gUys..aNd stAy hEaLthy.........ss501 fighting!!!!!

  2. tash says:

    it sounds like these boys are working really hard right now, i hope they keep themselves in good health and that all their hard work pays off for them in the end. And DBSK is not in any danger of disbanding, they won't do that.

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