[NEWS] Tiara, the super rookies!

The first official week of Tiara's debut is over.

Tiara debuted, and marked the beggining of their promotional activities on the 'Radio Star' corner of MBC's 'Golden Fishery'. They started their stage performances on M-Net's M! Countdown the following day, and went on to perform on KBS2TV's 'Music Bank' on the 31st. Tiara performed 'Wanna Play?' and 'Lies' on the Music Bank stage.

Tiara then appeared on SBS's Inkigayo on the 2nd. Since their debut, Tiara has been gathering up their power and improving to become one of the Super Rookies.

After the broadcast of Music Bank last Friday, the searches on their title track 'Lies' have been soaring and people's reactions have been explosive.

Tiara appeared on the music programs wearing black and white costumes that represent their sophisticatedness as a group. However, the group's cheoreography shows cuteness and innocence. Tiara's title track 'Lies' has a potential to being a top song since its very impressive and addictive.

Tiara is being talked about after lip-synching on M! Countdown last Thursday. Also especially because of their member Hyomin's 'great resemblance to Girls' Generation's Jessica'.

Meanwhile, Tiara appeared on MBC's Radio Star as their debut on the 29th. The singers' first performance was on the M! Countdown stage the following day.

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  1. Colt says:

    Too bad they get bashed for having the MR track too loud to clearly hear their vocals, as if they control anything that happens on stage or have any decisions with their company.
    Their radio star debut was awesome, and they clearely showed their vocals then.
    Looking forward to more confidence and less nerves in the next performances@

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