[news] Yoona Of Snsd Tied To Sm For 13 Years As Well

Due to the recent TVXQ chaos occurring, news agency looked up the exclusivity contracts of various artists from the popular management agencies.

The ironic aspect is that even within groups each member may have different contracts. In the case of from SNSD, she is the one member that is contracted for 13 years.

When SM was asked why �s contract period was so long compared to others, a SM representative replied, �In �s case it�s due to the fact that she is not contracted as just a singer but as an actress as well.�

In �s case, before she debuted she went through arduous acting classes and she has proven that she can handle various activities (acting/singing/etc) due to her last 2 dramas that were instant hits.

source: cjookeullae
credit: soompi

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my...but since when the contract began? SNSD's debut or her training time?

    i'm wondering what the others' contracts are! =.=

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