[News]2PM for Cosmopolitan photoshoot, shedding the beasty idol image

Beasty Idol’ 2PM has recently done a photoshoot with a dandy charms, different from that of when they were performing on stage.

2PM did the photoshoot and interview on ‘Sexy Body’ on the September issue of livestyle magazine Cosmopolitan.

2PM, who gained much popularity through their recent 2nd album ‘Again & Again’ said, “As compared to the 1st album, we hear a lot of comment like ’sexy’ and ‘manly’ when we were promoting for the 2nd album. As a group which have to show a lot of performances on stage, we need to keep our build in shape it is important.”

Meanwhile, other artistes featured for the September issue of Cosmopolitan are Tiger JK, Daniel Henney’s photoshoot in Bali, Lee JiAh in ‘Style’ drama etc.


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    Jaebum isn't there o____o

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