[News]DaeSung will not participate in ‘Shouting, actor Kang InYoung to take over role

With having to be receive treatment for 6 weeks after getting injured in a car accident, Big Bang DaeSung will not be able to perform for musical ‘Shouting’.

A press call was held on 12th August for the musical ‘Shouting’. And news have gone out that DaeSung will not be able to participate in the musical carrying the injuries with him. Initially DaeSung and SeungRi were double casted for the musical and there was not much problems to the musical participation. But now actor Kang InYoung will take over DaeSung’s role for the musical.

It is sad news for the musical staff especially since DaeSung and SeungRi have worked hard and practised together for the musical. From now, YG Entertainment will announced DaeSung’s scheduled activities accordingly to his health.

‘Shouting’ performances will take place from 12th till 23rd August in Seoul HanJeon Art Centre.


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