[News]JunJin to postpone date to report for military service to October

Singer JunJin has postponed the date of reporting for military service till coming October.

JunJin has receive a warrant to enlist for military service last October. But with reason of personal matters, he has postponed the date till 28th February 2009. After which he has been reported to have postponed it till July and now it has been said that he has postponed it again till October due to health issues.

His company said, “He has received a health examination and has postponed military enlistment. JunJin’s health isn’t at very good conditions. Because of his health, he has postponed it again.”

Recently JunJin has injured his toe before the release of his new single album. Meanwhile JunJin is promoting the song ‘Like a Fool’ after ‘Hey Ya!’.

source: kbites

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