[News]Lee Jin ”I’m hoping for a comeback of Fin.K.L”

In a recent interview, actress/singer Lee Jin, member of the famous girlgroup of korea Finkl revealed ”There are so many fans who still know us and miss us. If we have time, I hope we will reunite in the future. Last year, it was our first time that we reunited after a few years at Lee Hyori’s concert. At that time, 4 of us cried.” With the info that 3 of the 4 members of Finkl are under the same company, except for Sung Yuri who is under Sidus HG, so a reunion of Finkl is possible.

Lee Jin added ”Early this year, Kim Gwang Joo invited 3 of us dinner and we talked about Finkl. However we cant release an album now yet, but we will once again standing together onstage. We dont have an exact plan right now, but we are trying because of our fans.”

Translation: ashleesimpson l hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

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