[News]Nam GyuRi, “I’m absolutely not going back to promote as SeeYa”

Plans for Nam GyuRi (24) to return to SeeYa has misfired. With that, SeeYa will be looking for a new member to replace Nam GyuRi’s position in the group.

Her company came out with the truth on 12th August after discussions with Nam GyuRi, “Nam GyuRi has rejected the idea of returning to SeeYa, with that we have already picked a new member for SeeYa.”

Earlier, it has been known that Nam GyuRi will carry on the remaining of the 2 years left with her contract with the company, returning back to SeeYa. But Nam GyuRi has rejected the offer. Her reply was “I am absolutely not able to promote as SeeYa again.”

Nam GyuRi has left the group last April on problems with the contract with the company, there has been talks about Nam GyuRi returning as SeeYa but it looks impossible now. With that the company has already picked out a new member for SeeYa.


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