[News]Outrage over signboard flashed behind MCs during KBS Music Bank

It is the MC debut for actors Song JoongGi and Seo HyoRim on KBS Music Bank aired on 7th August.

During the show, the 2 had not only awed the audience with their smooth MC skills, they also showed off their dance skills on stage performing with 4Minute. But there has also been an outrage going on about the signboard flashed by one of the audience that day before the MCs which writes ‘Lee MyungBak OUT’ during the show.

After the show was aired, many netizens had upload captures and stills from the show which shows the signboard flashing behind the MCs.

Netizens had gone, “This is a very symbolic move. The youngsters who like their idol singers had shown some awareness” while government supporters commented, “Humiliation to the country” etc.

source: kbites

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