[News]Publishing company with the copyrights to ‘Right Round’ speaks up about plagiarism accusations for GDragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’

The publishing company in Korea which possesses the copyrights to the song ‘Right Round’ revealed their stand about GDragon’s upcoming solo album title song ‘Heartbreaker’ which was said to have plagiarised that of ‘Right Round’.

They said on 14th August, “The recently revealed song ‘Heartbreaker’ has received much attention for possibly having plagiarised that of ‘Right Round’. But since only 30seconds to the song has been revealed and is not fully released, we are currently monitoring the situation.”

They continued, “Because there is a possibility they will make changes to the officially released song. In the case where they did not do any amendments, and where we think it is appropriate, we will send the song to Warner Music America. Other publishing companies who possesses the copyrights to the song have also planned to do the same.”

Meanwhile, GDragon revealed a teaser to the title song ‘HeartBreaker’ on 11th August, but netizens have pointed out that the song plagiarises that of Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. But YG Entertainment have came out to say that the song is a collaboate composition between GDragon and a Swiss producer and that fans should wait for the full song release to tell.


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