[News]Same day release – Big Bang GDragon vs Brave Brothers

Big Bang GDragon and the Brave Brothers (Gan DongCheol) released their first solo album on the first day today.

GDragon released his first solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ on his 22nd birthday today, which includes 10 songs in it. With accusations of plagiarisms after the preview to the album was released earlier, fans holds much more anticipation to the album release.

The MV to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ directed by Seo HyunSeung who also did 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ MV, was also released on the day of the album release. GDragon was seen in a strong new image for his MV.

While producer the Brave Brothers also released his first project album on 18th August today. Known to be one of Korea’s best music producer, much attention is put on Brave Brother’s emphasis that his album will continue music and sounds of his own style.

Other than that, over and underground music artistes are also featured in this album like Son DamBi, Lee MinWoo, 4Minute HyunA, Red Roc, 마부스 etc.


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