[News/video/audio/Fancam] M-Flo’s “Been So Long” preview featuring Jaejoong and Micky

M-Flo’s “Been So Long” preview featuring Jaejoong and Micky

For Japanese group M-Flo's 10th Anniversary Tribute Album, they gathered together a group of popular artists to commemorate 10 years of good music!

Some of the artists on the album are Marie, Mison, Simizu Shota, Beni... ok, I'll get to the point--TVXQ's own Young-woong Jaejoong and Mickey Yoochun have a spot on the album singing a song called "Been So Long."

Artists on the album:
Aoyama Teruma – "Come Again"
BENI – "Love or Truth"
COMA-CHI – "Planet Shining"
Jaejoong and Yoochun from Tohoshinki – "Been So Long"
Marie – "Comeback to Me"
May J.& JONTE – "Miss You"
Misono – "Simple & Lovely"
Shimizu Shota – "Let Go"
YU-A – "The Love Bug"
Nisino – "Yours Only"

Original version by M-Flo

video credit: mflo10yrs

Preview version(Audio) By Jaejoong and Yoochun

video credit: farahyuchun3

(Fancam) Jaejoong and Yoochun Singing Been So Long in Boy Pop Factory! Full song version.

Video Credits:Meliteherojj

Part of this article, Credits to Allkpop.

Out of the songs they sang in Boy PopFactory some of them were : Colors and melody and harmony, Been so long , begin and Rainy blue...

Colors and Melody and Harmony and Been So long were my favourite :)

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