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Dara: 으음~ 꽃향기맡는행복한여자 산다라 혹은 다라..^^오늘 우리 멤바들도 다 행복해보엿어요! 너무 감사한거알죠?!유후~!싸랑하는데에~!!!!오오오!
Translations: Dara is smelling some flower looking so happy^^ All of our members look so happy today! Thank you for everything guys!! love ya!!! oh oh oh !!!!

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CL: 두건쓴 쿠씨오빠친구분!
Translations: A friend of Kushy oppa wearing a beanie hat / hood.


Dara: 경치가 참 좋죠??좋은하루되시고 계신가요? 우린곧또연습하러갑니다~^^ 요즘 공개방송하면서 느끼는건데 우리 플카들이 더 눈에 띄는거같아요처음보다!^^;; 아이고 너무 신나서 더 즐겁게놀다오는거같아요! 조금씩조금씩 늘어가는 모습에 햄볶아요!^.^

Translations: A beautiful view isnt it? Are u guys having a good time? We are off to the practice room again~^^ Lately i can see much more supporters than before. ^^;;; Performing on the stage is just like having fun with people who love us! I think our fans are getting more bigger…so im happy!^.^

Dara: 요즘읽고있는책..ㅋ내자신을알고싶어서요ㅋ근데 울팀에 A형이 두명이거등요? 근데 둘이 완전 달라요! 엄청 티격대격하구막ㅋㅋ흐음..신기해요! 그러면서도 잘지내는거보면ㅋ뭔가 공통점이있는거거든요!뭘까요? 찾아주세용!ㅋ 닮은점이있을지.. 미스테리일세…크크크

Translations: A book that i’m reading now. Iwant to know who i am. But we’ve got 2 girls whos blood type is A. But they are completely different. They sometimes quarrel.lol Although they argue sometimes but still get along well…. interesting xD Iwonder if they have something in common. what do u think?

credits: ygnxgeneration

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is quarreling sumtin in common? LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    these me2day updates are originally translated by 21evo.wordpress.com former together2ne1 NOT ygnxgen.
    Ygnxgen took this from 21evo site and credited it properly. PLS credit the original authors properly!!


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