[Pictures] T-Ara as Ghosts!!!

T-ara members gets some fun with ghost roleplaying.

The girls are on a mission to make a video ‘T-ara’s ghost roleplaying’ which the girls planned and produced personally – which was a fun idea from the memebers.

The girls will be uploading this fun parody video online. T-ara members said, “We started out this idea for fun, but now that it has become a bigger thing it is a little burdensome. But for everyone to see our fun ghost roleplaying, we will make this video to take away the heat from this late summer.”

The girls picked the roles for their parody video:

* BoRam – Satan’s Doll
* KyuRi – Fox Spirit
* So Yeon – Chinese vampire
* Eun Jung – Juon’s Toshio
* HyoMin – Vampire
* JiYeon – Death messenger

The girls will show a different and refreshing image from their usual image on stage performing their debut hit ‘Lies’.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Toshio EunJung is awesome.

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