[Special Corner] #4 LET'S PRAY

Hi Kpop viewers. Recently, our Daesung had an accident. And until now, he still in the hospital.
We've known that he'll have operation because of the accident.
So, today, let's pray for him. So that he'll be health soon.
I believe if we pray together, he'll get better and healthy as soon as the operation ended.

Read the pray inside this post!
Also if you want to pray more on all of Kpop artists, you can share it here..
Thank you so much for your willing to pray for Daesung.

we gratitude on the health that You have given to all of us who are here.
We are also thankful because of the protection to KPOP artists that is always given by You in their works.
At this moment, we gather together to pray Daesung who are in the hospital right now because of an accident.
In a moment, he’ll have his operation. Pray for his healing, dear God. So that everything can work well, smoothly, and give the best results for Daesung.
Because we only trust and lean on You.
And we believe that You will always accompany the Daesung every time and everywhere he goes, God.
O God, give health to Daesung always, so that he can return to his works/activities.
God, our pray is so far from the perfect one. But please grant our pray. We give in all of our pray to You only.
Only in the name of your Father, Lord, we pray and give thankful.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i hope he will be ok :((

  2. Leyzell says:

    Hope he get better soon! *cries*

  3. Anonymous says:

    God blesses Daesung. Amen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love daesung!

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