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[FAN] Henry!Henry!Henry! I hope that I’ll be fortunate enough to receive your reply!! Rest early!! Ha ha… ┏^┏^ (I) Love you ! (I) Love you ! from: xiao yan
[Henry] ^^ I’ll be back in China soon … wait just a little bit longer! *

[FAN] Henry!!! Did you have fun tonight?! Did you go out to have a midnight snack ~~ Why do you have to leave tomorrow already, ( you ) should stay ( in China ) for a few more days ToT~~~!
[Henry] Don’t worry…we’ll move back to China very soon…then we’ll be able to see each other every day! Hahha

[FAN] Henry, (I) went shopping in retail stores~(I’m) so happy~ You said that 2jib will be extremely cool, (it’ll be) able to make me high~anticipating >3<
[Henry]Yes! It’s really cool!

[FAN] Henry-ah… I’m the one who called you at the end ** Haha !! Do you still remember me ? The one with the pink short hair, and the one that’s a little fat/chubby!! Strings will forever support you! Today, I excitedly said ***
[Henry] Oh! That was you? Of course I remember…thank you!

[FAN]Henry! I can’t send you off tomorrow! I hope your trip ( back to korea ) goes well! We’ll still be able to see each other! Do you still remember me , star [the fan’s name] ?
[Henry] Thank you! I still remember… STAR hehehe “Shining Star” hehe lalala Did you ever hear that song? It’s SJ’s (song) !

[FAN] Henry, it’s been a long time since we’ve met, I’ve missed you! Seeing you today made me so happy! Your performance was great! (I) Really want hug you! Rest earlier at night!
[Henry] Come and hug me then! Now! Hehhehehe ^^

[FAN] Henry! I see you! Why aren’t you speaking! I miss you * !! Were you happy today? Answer me? I love you !!!! if you love, come baby * !
[Henry] Yesterday, I was very very happy…(I) Saw so many people supporting me!…(I) Wanted to cry!!!! ^^ :) :)

[FAN] Henry gege: tomorrow there will be someone giving presents to you. You must accept it. There’s edible ( items ) for you! By:jenny
[Henry] Thank you for your presents! If I didn’t accept it though… sorry!…Next time! ^^

* these phrases were written in english ^^
** referring to the fan interaction round during the Oppo Event
*** this was cut off , the message was probably too long ._.

source: UFOtown.cn | Henry BaiduBar ; HERE and HERE
>>> translations: moniicax3@sj-world.net
` may take out with full credits , but don’t add your own please !

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    Ah Henry, so cute. I bet he really wants the food though. ^^

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