[Video] All for TVXQ.. Once in a life time..

If you love DBSK the fanmade video inside this post is a must-see! Now go get some tissues, close your eyes for a moment, forget all things around you, open your eyes and concentrate on the video. Okay, sorry if I'm exaggerating. But really, it gives goosebumps and teary eyes, at least I got them. Check it out!

Yi Mao @ TVXQ Baidu
Translated by GreenneX3 and Vislyn

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wooow very impressive! i kind of shed some tears at the end. very well done

  2. Leyzell says:

    the best fanmade vid i've ever watched ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the best fanmade video ever!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    my gosh.. im their fan for almost like 2 years. and i can say that ... if something happen to their group because of SMe unfair contract, all the fans, all the people loves them can create a giant protest or chaos all over asia! and from here (Philippines) expect my support (well i know im not alone!)
    Great job! awesome vid!

  5. d'petals says:

    i'm about 2 cry but i cant..
    i'm in d'cls now~
    owh noo...i cant focus on d'lecture anymore~

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