[Video] F(x) released Lachata's MV teaser!

In a move reminiscent of their sudden video intro teaser exactly a week ago, SM Entertainment has unleashed another surprise on us, with an unannounced release of a 40s teaser for their Lachata music video.

Check out the hot teaser which shows us close-ups of their pretty faces and also a feel of their Lachata title song. The full MV will be released on 2nd September.

Credits :allkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmm definitely not what i'm looking forward to..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have listened to the full song before watching this so let's see... ahhh.
    Too bad. It ain't good enough...

  3. Anonymous says:

    it's not original the first teaser are more cool

  4. Anonymous says:

    'La Lang.. Naa ray tomboy.. Mao ra daun...

  5. Anonymous says:

    their facial expressions kinda remind me of shinee and their debut song "noona namu yehpuh" so theyll probably get better like shinee over time

  6. twacy says:

    I honestly don't think it's that bad. They have their own style.. which is good. I would love to see more of what F(x) has to offer in KPOP industry. :)

    It's not all about competition between groups... it's what they can do~~ by not comparing them, but exactly rate them for their INDIVIDUALITY talents.

  7. Anonymous says:

    t hink they will end up like csjh..well sm is bad..

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