[Video] Hongki calls Heechul | SUJU boys say : You only care Hongki! | FT ISLAND boys say : You only care Heechul Hyung!

Hahaha.. LOL~ Check out the video inside this post!

Don't forget to Turn on the annotations for subtitles

cr vid: heenimaddiction@yt
can I call my hyung?...hahaha.. LOL~
And Hongki really loves his hyung... so cute.. more than ft island haha...
Heechul looks like his real brother on the phone haha..

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  1. Minako says:

    Haha, they are very close xD

  2. kamai says:

    lol,this guys can't get enough.xp

  3. Anonymous says:

    oppa, i wanna b ur dongsaeng 2..huhu

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